Posture 101 Program


Castro Valley Fitness Posture 101

As you probably know, one of our foundational beliefs here at Castro Valley Fitness is that your posture and basic movement, more than just about anything else (age included) is responsible for how you feel on a regular basis.

Have an achy shoulder?

Your shoulders are probably elevated and rounded forward.

Have an achy back?

Your hips are probably out of alignment and aren’t moving well.

Have a touchy knee?

Your hips or ankles are probably tight and pulling your knee to one side.

We do our best to address these issues in your usual sessions, but sometimes you may need a little more.

Introducing Castro Valley Fitness Posture 101. In this weekly class we are going to focus on your posture and movement in more detail than ever before.

This class will be designed to improve the most common postural issues that we see on a regular basis. (Shoulders down anyone?)

Keep in mind, though, that this is just the beginning. As always, you must take what you learn in this class and apply it to your daily life. If you do, we feel very confident that you are going to feel the difference.

Here are the details.

When is it? Mondays from 11:30 until about 12:15.

Who is it for? Anyone who has common chronic aches and pains and/or wants to improve their posture for the purpose of improving their life.

Also, someone who wants an additional low-intensity low-impact, but effective workout they can do during the week.

What is it not? This class is focused solely on base posture and movement and different stretches and movements to affect those things. It is NOT strength training or cardiovascular training.

How much is it? $59 per month or $20 per class.

When does it start? The program will start June 10th.

How Do I Join? Just email me at or tell any one of us when you come in for your regular session.

Please let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!