Egoscue Postural Alignment Therapy

One of our foundational beliefs at Castro Valley Fitness is that the vast majority of people’s chronic pain is a result of poor postural habits that are formed over many months and years.

Oftentimes, we have seen our member’s pain improve simply through the implementation of simple exercises and improved postural awareness.

People are often eager to solve their aches and pains through pills and/or surgeries and they tend to blame their aches and pains on age or genetics. We believe that many times these things are just a Band-Aid. They may temporarily improve things but ultimate relief can only occur when you fix the cause of the pain. Not just the pain itself!


Single Session – $124

Best for people with no specific issue but who feels like they may be missing something in their workouts or performance due to postural issues. Also good for people who would like some additional workouts to do away from the gym that may be a little different.

Dual Session Pack – $219 

Best for people with relatively minor chronic pain issues but could use a bit of regular “tune-up”.

Four Session Pack -$399

Best for people with more serious chronic pain issues.

Whatever package you choose two things are crucial with this program:

  1. You MUST be coachable and perform each exercise with PERFECT form. That is the only way to get what you need from them. Anything will simply allow your current dysfunctions and compensations to take over.
  2. You MUST perform your menu AT LEAST 5-6 times weekly and preferably daily. We will work together to put together a menu that will make this possible.

If you are interested in this program please contact me at and we will set up a time to start.

Please keep in mind that due to the in-depth and individual nature of this program there is very limited availability.

I promise that if you put the work into this you will feel the results.

Let’s work together to get you feeling and performing better!!