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Castro Valley Personal Training

Whenever you see an ad for personal training you see a picture of some fitness model. Six-pack abs. Super skinny women or muscled-up men. Is that you?

I didn’t think so.

You probably have a job.

Or a family.

Probably both.

AND you have a lot more than that going on, too.

You need a solution that is going to help you:

  • be healthier
  • be more confident
  • be more energetic
  • be able to manage your stress better
  • be more YOU
  • and do it all in a way that you can manage with everything else you have going on. Both physically and mentally

We understand.

Castro Valley Fitness Personal Training

At Castro Valley Fitness we’re not your typical personal trainers.

We talk with you to find out what YOU want and need. We don’t just hand you the same exercise program we give to everyone else.

Castro Valley Personal Training

I know you may be a little nervous about this, so let me answer a few questions you may have about Castro Valley Fitness personal training.

1 – Are you going to yell at me?

No. If your only exposure to personal training is the Biggest Loser, I assure you that our approach is nothing like that. I would never treat another human being like that let alone one of our members. As I said before, we find out where you are what you want to accomplish and we start from there.

You are not expected to fit into someone else’s expectations of fitness here. We want you to enjoy your experience, not dread it.

2 – What if I can’t do some of the exercises you want me to do?

This is where we stand out. As I mentioned above we start where YOU are.

We program exercises that are appropriate for you and we do not expect you fit into any pre-defined fitness category.

You are you and we value every bit of that.

Lastly, if we ever ask you to do something that hurts or you feel isn’t right for you for any reason, please tell us! Exercise is not meant to be a punishment. It should be challenging, but in a good way! There are lots of ways to do things.

3 – How sore will I be?

We hope not much at all! We’d much rather have you leave feeling like you haven’t done enough than have you feel like you’ve overdone it.

One of our philosophies at Castro Valley Fitness is that that the best thing you can get from a workout is the desire for another one. That’s not going to happen if you can’t walk the next day!

Our goal for your first few workouts is to make you feel like you’ve done a little something, but in a positive and motivating way.

4 – Aren’t I too out of shape to work out with your other members?

Absolutely not! I can’t emphasize this enough. Our members are just like you.

Go here to see our “Members of the Month”.

They come to Castro Valley Fitness to feel better. That’s it. We have all sorts of people here. Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Professionals and lots more, and everyone just wants you to succeed as much as they do.

5 – My schedule changes all the time. How can I fit it in?

Our schedule is done online week to week. You are not locked into a particular time slot. You just go onto our scheduling site and pick any open slot that fits your schedule.

(We are adding more time slots as we can.)

Personal Training is subject to session availability. Times are as follows:

Monday  – 8am, 9am, 4pm, 5pm

Tuesday – 7am, 8am, 9am, 4pm, 5pm

Wednesday – 8am, 9am, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm

Saturday – 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am

Castro Valley Fitness Personal Training

6 – What do I wear?

Whatever’s comfortable for you. Castro Valley Fitness doesn’t run a fashion show so don’t worry about it. I’ve been wearing the same workout shorts for about 9 years now!

In short, I know that at Castro Valley Fitness we can help you out no matter your condition or your goals.

Get started today by calling me at 510-755-9191, emailing me at

or filling out your name and email below.

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Regular packages start at just $199 per month for 2 sessions per week ($23 per session) or $267 per month for 3 sessions per week ($21 per session).

To register for your time please click here.  YOU MUST BE A CURRENT MEMBER TO REGISTER. Blog Post

Top 5 Tools Every Virtual Content Creator Needs


Being a virtual content creator can be pretty challenging. Knowing where and how to find the right virtual content creation tools can be a huge part of that. After all, you got into the fitness business to help people get in shape, not become an Audio/Visual expert!

The fact is, the world has changed. That’s especially true if you’re used to putting your content out there in person as opposed to Youtube, Instagram, Zoom or any other virtual content platforms.

Well, the good news is that we’re here to make it easy for you.

In today’s post I’m going to talk about the

Top 5 Tools Every Virtual Content Creator Needs.

  1. A Mixer

If you want a nice clean sound, a mixer is going to be important. When you are creating virtual content a muddy audio mix is a huge turn-off to your members.

After all, nothing interrupts the flow of a class more than having your members yelling, “What did you say?” at their screen.

You’re going to want something that can accommodate at least a microphone and speakers.

This is a great one that can do that and more:

MM8USBFX Mixer with Cables

  1. Advice

Like I said before, you didn’t get into the fitness industry to be an A/V pro. You did it to help people. Us too.

Go here to answer a few questions about your A/V needs so we can help.

AV Solutions

Virtual content creation is your thing, but making it look and sound great is ours! Let us help!

  1. A Microphone.

Now that you’ve got a mixer you’ve got to make sure you have something to plug into it.

There are a lot of choices for microphones. You can go with a fitness wireless headset, a lavalier, or a room mic. That would depend on the type of class you’re running, how much moving around you’re doing and the type and volume of your background music.

You can see a whole bunch of different ideas here:

Wireless Mics

  1. Lights.

Now that they can hear you, they need to see something. We know most fitness studios are not created with lighting in mind. Luckily, we can solve that problem.

Lights are an important, and sometimes forgotten, step in making your overall virtual content look great and professional.

Check out this set up.

Lumecube Lighting Kit

  1. A Camera.

That brings us here.

What’s the first thing your members are going to see when they log on?


Remember that first impressions are everything and you need to look professional right off the bat.

The camera in your computer may be OK, but even a little upgrade can make a huge difference in how you’re perceived, and if you’re trying to grow your online and social media business and profile, perception is everything!

If you need help figuring out what camera is right for you, you can go here to answer a few questions about your needs to get some help.

Camera Questions

If you just want to skip all that to get a nice, easy solution you can get this one. (It’s more than just a camera, too!)

Zoom Q8

Remember, creating virtual content may be new and challenging for you, but we are here to help.

Take care and stay safe!

Long Form Blog Post

The Film That Changed My Life

Sometimes you see something that says it all. Something that, even though you may have seen it before, strikes you differently. Buddha is credited with coining the phrase, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I have had occasion many times in my life to believe in the truth behind Buddha’s statement.

I had another occasion over the Thanksgiving holiday as I watched a movie I’ve seen many times before, first when it was released over the summer of 2008. The movie even contains one of my very favorite quotes. (I’ll let you know what it is later.) Last weekend as I watched, it struck me how deep, meaningful and enlightening this film really is.

I am talking of course about the brilliant “Kung Fu Panda”.

The film that can change your life

If you haven’t seen it, let me quickly describe the plot.

Po, a rather clumsy and rotund Panda bear is an avid fan of Kung Fu and especially of the finest Kung Fu team of all time, the Furious Five. Po hears the announcement that the true Dragon Warrior, the warrior who will rise above all others, will finally be chosen! The Dragon Warrior will be able to read the secret Dragon Scroll, which contains the ultimate secret to Kung Fu Power.

Through a crazy series of events Po, who has never learned Kung Fu, is chosen as the Dragon Warrior over each of the members of the Furious Five. He must now train to defeat the evil and powerful Tai Lung, who desires nothing more than to read the scroll and become the Dragon Warrior himself.

No one, least of all Po himself, believes he is capable of defeating Tai Lung until he finally understands what the Dragon Scroll has told him. In an incredible battle he defeats Tai Lung, saves China, and gains the respect of his Master and the Furious Five!

OK. So how can this movie change your life? I’m about to tell you.

1) Do what works for you.

When Po is declared the Dragon Warrior he is a complete beginner at Kung Fu. His teacher, Master Shifu, attempts to teach him Kung Fu the same way he taught the Furious Five. It doesn’t work. After all, how could you expect to teach Kung Fu to a panda the same way you’d teach a tiger, a crane, a snake, a praying mantis or a monkey? That’s just silly!

It’s only after Master Shifu figures out how to teach to Po’s individual strengths that he really starts becoming the warrior we know is inside him!

The Lesson: We all have strengths, weaknesses and situations that are unique to us. The situation of a working mother with 2 kids that take dance lessons and play soccer is a lot different than that of a 22 year old who works part-time and goes to school. When people don’t take these types of things into account it can lead to problems.

2) Go to work.

The movie’s big turning point occurs when Po’s father (a noodle shop owner) tells him the secret ingredient in his special “Secret Ingredient” soup. Do you want to know what it is?


There isn’t one.

This brings us to the quote I told you about earlier:

The Lesson: Everything you need is inside you. There isn’t any special diet, workout or supplement that is going to get you what you want. It’s got to come from you. You know if you’re really working hard. You know if you’re really engaging with the lessons that are being taught. You’ve got to do the work and stop expecting shortcuts.

3) Accept who you are. 

This falls in line with the first two lessons. Once Po realizes that everything he needs is already in him, he fights Tai Lung using the unique strengths he has. He’s no longer trying to be anyone other than himself AND HE’S KICKING A$$!!!! He finally accepts that he’s a Panda and everything that goes with it.

The final straw is when Tai Lung, who is starting to realize he can’t win, desperately exclaims, “You can’t defeat me! You’re just a big fat panda!”

Just before he strikes the final knockout blow, Po shoots back, “I’m not A big fat panda. I’m THE big fat panda!”

The Lesson: The only way to grow and really achieve what you want is to accept who you are. That doesn’t mean you are satisfied with it, but it does acknowledge your situation, your strengths and weaknesses, and if you actually take the time to think about it (and you really need to) it clarifies your values!

It’s also incredibly empowering! How do you think Po felt when he said that?

He feels like a BADA$$!!

Only once you start to really accept who you are, you can start to feel the same.

I hope this helps you realize the Kung Fu Panda that is inside of you!


Mitchell Rothbardt



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