May 6th

Jump Squat 6 reps
Squat 6 reps
Squat and hold for 10 seconds 6 reps
Military Press 6 reps
Push Press 6 reps
Squat & Press 6 reps
6 sets 45 sec. rest between sets

I’m sure exeryone recognizes this as the devastating “Complex D” from this article:

I made a slight adjustment today using dumbells instead of a barbell. When I have tried this complex previously with a bar my shoulders cramped up big time. If you notice every exercise here has your shoulders either stretched or flexed. Doing it with the dumbells worked very well. I used 35 lb. bells for sets 1-3, 30 lb. for set 4, and 25 lb. for set 5-6. This is, quite simply a great complex. Three kinds of squats followed by three kinds of shoulder press, the last two also involving some sort of squat action. It really adds up. Very nice.

Clean & Jerk 12 reps 65lbs.
Lat Pulldown 20 reps 60 lbs.
2 sets 1 minute rest between sets

The C&Js are always great, even at a light weight. Finishing up with the 20 pulldowns is a great topper.

Ab Wheel 10 reps
2 sets 1 minute rest between sets

Great exercise.

Mitchell Rothbardt
(coming soon)

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