If You Have A Great Attitude, A Passion for Fitness, Learning New Things, and a Few Basic Skills, I May Have a Fun, and Fulfilling Job Just for You!

Thanks for taking the time to visit this site! You should’ve arrived here because you saw that we are hiring a personal trainer. It’s my hope that you’re the person I’m looking for so I can take this page down and give you the job.

By the way, if you think you need to be 25 and look like a fitness model…


We don’t care about that kind of thing here.

I’ll explain more in a minute.

My name is Mitchell Rothbardt, and I run a personal training studio called Castro Valley Fitness. We’re located at 2861 Grove Way in Castro Valley.

We’re dedicated to helping busy women and men achieve their health, fitness, and performance goals. We currently offer both personal training and bootcamps.

We’re looking for an enthusiastic, motivated, hard-working, and energetic person to work with our members.

Please read the full job description here:

Personal Trainer Job Description

This is a great job for someone who wants to get started in fitness whether you’re 25 or 65, a student or retiree, or anything else.

Previous experience as a trainer is NOT necessary.

I’ll train the right person no matter your age, gender, race, how many fingers you have, whether or not you like olives, or just about anything else.

If you’re 65 and always wanted to learn how to be a trainer, you should apply.

If you have a flexible full-time job or are a student and are looking for something on the side that fulfills your passion, you should apply.

*If you want to learn how to run a successful fitness business from the ground up, you should apply.*

If you want to ACTUALLY help people instead of what the “fitness industry” usually does, you should apply.

To apply for this position please do the following:

  1. Write a resume that includes all of your jobs over the last 5 years, your responsibilities at those jobs and the skills they required. Remember we don’t need you to have prior experience as a trainer but we do need to know what skills you have. Please include 2 references with name, email and phone number.
  2. Write a cover letter letting me know why you are the perfect person for the job, your exercise regimen and history, and your full contact information.
  3. Attach your resume as either a Word Document or PDF, include the cover letter as the body of your email and send to with the subject line reading “Trainer Position”.
  4. Immediately send a separate email with the subject line reading “Trainer Position Resume Sent”. You don’t need anything in the body of this email. It’s just because some emails with attachments are filtered into the Spam folder and I don’t want to miss anything!

If I feel you may be a good fit for us I’ll contact you to set up a time for us to talk.

The sooner we get your resume, the better. This will not be a long, drawn-out process. As soon as I find the right person I’ll hire them (you?),  So send your resume in pronto!

I look forward to reviewing it and hopefully meeting you personally.

Thank you very much for your interest.

Mitch Rothbardt, Owner – Castro Valley Fitness

P.S. This is not a corporate type job and it’s not the type of job where just showing up is enough.  Castro Valley Fitness is everything to me. I want nothing more than to find a person who takes real interest in doing good work and contributing to our community here.

With all that said, enthusiasm and a positive attitude go a long way in my book.  I’m a positive, upbeat person and appreciate those qualities in others.  As long as you have the basic skills I mentioned, and a great attitudeyou’re definitely a candidate!  So send us your resume today!