Fitness, Mental Health, Triggers and the Gym

There are many reasons that people have problems with exercise or going to a gym. It usually has something to do with bad experiences that may have to do with problematic expectations, a focus on losing weight, feeling like you don’t fit in and don’t know what to do and just feeling like, after seeing how the fitness industry talks to people, fitness just isn’t for you.

This is very real for people.

In this video I just want to talk about mental health, triggers and how it all relates to fitness and the gym, and no, I’m not just goping to recommend that everyone sucks it up and heads to their local gym. That may not work for you.

Also, in this video I highly recommend a couple of books. I want to give you the links.

Castro Valley Fitness

The F*ck It Diet – Caroline Dooner 

Anti-Diet – Christy Harrison

Please let me know how your feel about this or if you want to talk through a few things.

Mitch Rothbardt, CPT, PN Level 2 Lean Eating Coach, Egoscue PAS
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