November Member of the Month – Julie Navarro

Julie Navarro is our Member of the Month for November.  She has been a Boot Camp and Personal Training member for 4.5 years.

Julie added walking to her regular workouts about six months ahead of a trip to Bryce Canyon in Utah.  She wanted to increase her stamina, so she could really enjoy the hikes on her trip – not to mention keeping up with her two granddaughters.  You can now find her at Lake Chabot every day, rain or shine, enjoying her 5-mile walk. She likes to work out first thing in the morning as it helps her throughout the rest of the day.  She has found that walking is easier than when she first started because of her increased stamina, balance and, of course, her strength since joining our CVF family.  She likes her full body workout in a gym without machines.

She likes the personal attention she receives and having other members around her same age.  The three words Julie uses to describe CVF are “fun, healthy and stronger”.

October Member of the Month – Kim Butterfield

Kim Butterfield

It is our pleasure to recognize Kim Butterfield as our Client of the Month.

Kim used to go to a large gym, but has found she has improved her strength, stamina and is lighter on her feet since joining CVF. She feels really good and happy about her progress.

She likes the personal attention she and others receive. She enjoys the CVF community and won’t go back to that large gym. She especially likes the Facebook posts and emails on the different fitness subjects.

Her advice is to keep going – sometimes you won’t feel like going to your workout, but after the warm up, it’s all good.

Overall she’s had a positive experience since joining CVF.

September Member of the Month – Frank Robertson

Frank Robertson

It is our pleasure to recognize Frank Robertson as our Client of the Month.  He is celebrating his first year with CVF this month!  We can always count on Frank to keep the group laughing.

Frank has found that his mental attitude, strength and mobility have improved in the last year.  He has seen this in little things like the ability to walk over a beam at work easier and a stronger golf swing (which isn’t always a good thing!)

He has more self-confidence outside the gym because of what he has accomplished inside the gym.  He has found that CVF helps him overcome obstacles easier and it has “woke up the athlete within.”

He finds CVF a safe and warm place to work toward your goals.  The personal programs really help you reach your goals.  He recommends that clients have faith in the process and to stay positive.  Don’t become complacent and continue to push to improve.

The three words that best describe his experience at CVF are “challenging, safe and confident”.

July Members of the Month – Dave & Carol Yamane

Castro Valley Fitness Members of the Month – July 2018

Dave and Carol Yamane

It is our pleasure to recognize Dave and Carol Yamane as our Clients of the Month. They have been members for 8+ years and have the honor of being Mitch’s longest standing clients!

Since joining CV Fitness they both find they have more stamina, strength and just feel healthier.  Dave, especially, is much more aware of his posture. They like that sessions are scheduled to help keep them honest.  Carol appreciated the partnership to help with her rehab after knee surgery.

Workouts are tailored to their needs instead of being regimented where everyone does the same thing.  The workouts are challenging and they have evolved over time.  They also like the added cardio part of their workouts.

They like the encouraging, positive, environment with a nice group of people.  CV Fitness isn’t a judgmental place and there aren’t any “drill sergeants”.  One of the best features is they can bring their dog!

The three words that best describe their experience at CVF are “fun, encouragement, and accomplishment.”

June Member of the Month – Pavneet Mavi

Castro Valley Fitness – Member of the Month

June 2018 – Pavneet Mavi

It is our pleasure to recognize Pavneet Mavi as our Client of the Month. Pavneet has been a member of Castro Valley Fitness for over a year.

The initial concentration on his core has improved his posture and he has had less back and neck pain. He has never lifted as much weight before – he’s found a new strength he didn’t know he had. He also finished a full marathon!

He enjoys the smaller environment of CVF with a friendly group of people – “it’s like a family”. The acknowledgment when you walk in the door and the way others cheer you on make it a fun place to work out.

He recommends that once you get in the door and go through your workout, your whole perspective can change – you are more positive and you move better. He also suggests that you challenge your comfort level whether it is with a new exercise or more weight.

His ultimate gym goal is to do three pull ups without the assistance of a band.

The three words that best describe his experience at CVF are “friendly, welcoming and challenging.”

May Member of the Month – Goretti Allenbach

May Member of the Month –

Goretti Allenbach

Goretti Allenbach

Goretti regularly brings her smiling face to Bootcamp at 6 a.m.  She has been a client of CV Fitness for 4+ years.

Since joining CVF, Goretti has been able to move without pain.  She has had some chronic injuries and her regular workouts have allowed her to feel better without pain.  The notable improvements are her increased strength and her breathing.   She finds the exercises in Bootcamp challenging and enjoys the variety.

She says it is worth it to make an investment in yourself. She recommends that new members be patient and be consistent for three months.  You won’t imagine the benefits – beyond appearance and weight loss.  She finds it is her “healthy addiction”.

She has really enjoyed spending time with a group of the nicest people she has ever met.

April 2018 – Nick Chavez

Castro Valley Fitness – Member of the Month

April 2018 – Nick Chavez

It is our pleasure to recognize Nick Chavez as our Member of the Month! Nick has been a member of CV Fitness for 2+ years.

Nick used to hate working out.  Since joining CV Fitness his attitude towards being active has changed. His general mood is better, he feels and sleeps better. He has found the balance of a good diet along with being more active.  He always has a smile on his face and on top of that he has lost 50+ pounds!!

He finds CV Fitness very encouraging and enjoys the peers he works out with regularly.  He has developed relationships and was surprised to learn some life lessons too.

He recommends that members ask a lot questions, don’t get discouraged and ask for help to manage expectations.  He also suggests that members incorporate what you do in the gym with outside activities or life styles.

The three words that describes Nick’s experience at CV Fitness is “routine, game-changer and encouragement.”

March 2018 – Andrea Vinson

Castro Valley Fitness Member Of The Month

March 2018 – Andrea Vinson

It is our pleasure to recognize Andrea Vinson as our Member of the Month! Andrea has been a member of CV Fitness for almost 5 years.

Andrea has never been so physically strong since joining CV Fitness. If it hadn’t been for Mitch, she would not have embraced it or be so excited about being strong. She sees it most often when she walks up a flight of stairs and isn’t winded. She also hasn’t hit a golf ball as far as she does now.

She feels she can’t find a better place to focus on strength, endurance and posture as CV Fitness. She appreciates the strong community where a new person will immediately feel the encouragement to do the best you can do.

She recommends that you keep pushing, keep showing up and find ways to do a little bit more at each workout. You will find that the end result is amazing.

The three ways Andrea describes her experience at CV Fitness are “supportive environment, strong community and many new meaningful friendships.”


December 2017 – Emily Jensen

Castro Valley Fitness – Member of the Month

December 2017

It is our pleasure to recognize Emily Jensen as our Member of the Month. Emily has been a member of CV Fitness for 3+ years.

She just competed in her first Power Lifting Meet last month. She decided to compete because she wanted to challenge herself to do something scary. Throughout the process she has experienced increased physical and mental strength along with learning to trust hard things even if it’s scary. Competing is very empowering and she recommends any woman to follow her example.

Since joining CV Fitness she is in the best shape of her life. It has helped her manage depression and helped with her positive self-talk. She finds CV Fitness a place that welcomes people from all walks of life. There is a lot of support and encouragement for everyone working on their own personal goals. She likes the connection between her workouts and what she does in her daily life.

Her advice is to be patient, be kind to yourself – don’t compare yourself to what others are doing in the gym, give 110% and celebrate your own personal victories, ask questions and try things that are scary.

The three words that describe Emily’s experience at CV Fitness are “welcoming, supportive and empowering.”

November 2017 – Carrie Hilderbrand

Castro Valley Fitness – Member of the Month

November 2017

Carrie Hilderbrand @carrie_hildy

It is our pleasure to recognize Carrie Hilderbrand as our Member of the Month.

Carrie has been a member of CV Fitness for 3+ years. She is one of our very strong power lifters whose sense of humor keeps the gym laughing.

Since joining CV Fitness she has found improvement in her strength, mobility and her mood. As a woman, she finds that feeling strong is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. She also feels that the best thing you can invest in is yourself. Her investment has paid off because she can deadlift an impressive 330 lbs!

Her advice is to set goals, keep an open mind and take one workout at a time. Not every workout will be your best, but keep at it and don’t make excuses. Always push yourself and continue to set goals.

The three words that describe Carrie’s experience at CV Fitness are “strength, camaraderie, and support.”