About Us

Castro Valley Fitness is all about helping people reach their goals as quickly and safely as possible. We have helped people from 19 to 92 with goals including fat loss, increased strength and mobility, reduction in pain and enhanced sports performance.

We can confidently say that there is NO other training facility in the area that does what we do. With the care we place on form, programming and overall desire to do ANYTHING we can to make our clients successful, we know that we can help you reach your goals.

We are located at 2861 Grove Way in Castro Valley which is right next to the Quik Stop gas station.

Meet Our Trainers

Mitch Rothbardt
MitchMitch Rothbardt is the owner and head trainer at Mitch Rothbardt Fitness. He has more than 5 years of experience a Certified Personal Trainer from the American Council of Exercise, a Level 2 Precision Nutrition Lean Eating Coach and a Functional Movement Screen assessment specialist.



Kyle Suzuki
Kyle SuzukiKyle Suzuki has been helping people lose weight, get stronger and move better as a trainer for three years. He is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise and has also been a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner for five years. He loves to see people improve their well-being and through specializing in mobility training, has helped people see immediate improvement in their movement and pain. His crowing achievement is his 5th grade Presidential Commendation for Star Testing. Check out the brain on him!



Diane Anderson
Diane AndersonDiane Anderson got her start at Mitch Rothbardt Fitness as a client over four years ago. Since then she’s competed as a powerlifter, got her HKC Kettlebell certification and has become a great trainer in her own right. She loves bringing the gift of fitness to everyone and expressing the joy she has felt in getting herself in great shape.




puppyPuppy AKA Noel Rothbardt is the real muscle behind Mitch Rothbardt Fitness.
As a 3rd degree munitions and demolitions expert, she is the Head of Security and she approaches her job with a zealous spirit! Don’t plan on starting trouble with Puppy around!



buddyBuddy Rothbardt (CFP, Certified Fetch Programming) is the head of our Fetch Program at Mitch Rothbardt Fitness.
We’ve turned out some of the best fetchers around and it’s all thanks to the creative and ingenious programming that Buddy excels in. Buddy himself is a terrific fetcher, specializing in squeaky toys and stuffed animals.