2019 Jump Start

Finally! Take Back Control & Transform Your Body to Feel Strong, Confident, & Sexy Again with Our Safe & Supportive Fitness Family!!



• 2 – 3 training sessions per week based with flexible scheduling

• Nutrition coaching

• Personal program for your specific needs and goals

• Fun & welcoming community

• Professional & supportive coaching

What our 2019 Jump Start is all about

Are you frustrated with the extra weight slowly creeping on year after year?

You’ve probably tried to lose weight on your own, but with all your other responsibilities, you’ve struggled to find the time and motivation to consistently workout and eat right.

But don’t worry. It’s not your fault.

You see, we’ve worked with hundreds of busy parents and professionals who struggled with not having enough time to workout, until they discovered our formula to lose weight and feel confident in their favorite clothes again.

As nationally certified personal trainers, we’ve learned how to constantly test and tweak my training methods to find the best formula for my busy clients to transform their bodies and feel 10 years younger.

We’re doing this with our 2019 Jump Start program.


“I was new to Castro Valley and looking for a particular type of workout – after visits to several gyms, I googled “fitness” and found Mitch. I called, he answered the phone and we met. It’s been nearly 4 years – I’ve done both the bootcamp and small group personal training. They are both great. The sense of community and friendship among members is an added bonus! I was specifically looking for strength and balance and have found so much more!”


“I’ve been a member of Castro Valley Fitness for two years. I’ve spent the last 35 years trying every other fitness organization, but nothing has lasted more than a year. I found a home with Castro Valley Fitness.
Since joining I can lift a 45 lb bag of cat litter and I’m not out of breath when cleaning the house. I sleep better and the most important benefit is increased self-esteem.
I’ve also reduced my Diabetes medicine by 50%. A Cancer medication I was told I’d have to take for 10 years was eliminated after 7.5 years due to my weight loss and exercise program. My next goal is to reduce, if not eliminate, the need for my blood pressure medicine.
The other members are enjoyable and there is great support for each other. My advice to new clients: “Don’t give up – keep going. You will feel the results in no time.”
If I had three words to describe my experience at Castro Valley Fitness, they are “I LOVE IT”.”


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