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What The Heck Am I Talking About? – Long Arms

Hello and welcome to the “What The Heck Am I Talking About?” series! In this series I break down some pretty common cues we use at Castro Valley Fitness and explain what they mean and why we use them.

Today we’re talking “Long Arms”.

If you have shoulder problems, and it seems like just about everyone does, I can almost guarantee that you have postural and breathing issues. Watch this to see what we do at Castro Valley Fitness to help with these things.

Let me know what you think.

October 2017 – Katy Wright

Castro Valley Fitness – Member of the Month

October 2017

It is our pleasure to recognize Katy Wright as our Member of the Month.

Katy has been a member of Castro Valley Fitness for 5 years. She started with personal training and then moved to Bootcamp. She likes starting her day with exercise and enjoys the larger group of people. We can count on Katy to keep the group laughing.

Since joining CVF she finds that she has improved her consistency, her strength and is able to bounce back from minor injuries faster. The low key, family friendly, and personal touch keeps her coming back each day at 6 a.m.!

Her advice is to not give up – you’ll see results.

The three words that sum up Katy’s experience at CVF are “positive, happy and challenging.”

What The Heck Am I Talking About?

At our gym there are certain cues that we give on a pretty regular basis. I was having a conversation with one of our members, Steve Tirado, and he brought up that there may be some confusion with what some of them mean and what we are looking for people to do when we say them.

In this video series we’re going to be covering some of those cues, what they mean and what we are looking for concerning them. First up is “Chest Up!”